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Friday, March 23, 2007

Yes, You Can Play and Make Money Too

Welcome to AdsOnTime

There is a program on the Internet which actually lets you play a little interesting game while making money, ...well, a little money. It's AdsOnTime. What's very interesting and no-play about the program is that it can actually advertise your site to billions of viewers around the world within just a few seconds with little cost to you.

How it Works

It normally divides a day into seconds and lets advertisers pay for the seconds they want their ads to be shown.

How You Can Make Money From It

Watch The Ads
Just watch the ads and every so often, a link will appear under the ad window. It will say 'click now to win ...$$$...'. Once you click on the link, you are taken to another window and you have to wait 10 seconds. After that, you have to enter a code they provide you with in a certain text box and submit it.
The only trick is that you have to be the first person to enter the code on the text box or you won't get the money. It might be easy for you to get the money if you were the only one online at that time but with hundreds of people hooked on to the same site and watching for the ads, then it might actually prove to be very difficult to win that much. I once played it and won 10 cents in half an hour. It might be very frustrating, but again, it's a game, and if you have not much to do, you might as well while your time playing it.
Refer People
You can also make money from the program by referring people onto it. For every person you refer, they give you 2% of what that person makes. Yeah, i know, it's not much but again, it's just a game, a game that you play while raking some dimes home.

How Do i Get Paid

You are normally eligible for payment once you earn $30 or more and they send your payment through Western Union, PayPal or MoneyBookers.
It's a little game, a little money game, a little time sucker and a great tool for advertisements, that's my take.